Make your property the center in the planet! (Oct, 1932)

Make your home the center of your globe!

$36.50 to $295 - Tax Paid

Though you might reside on an isolated farm ... or in an apartment inside the heart of a teeming city... PHILCO makes your home the center in the world . breitling replica watch the good world of music, entertainment, and present events.

Through the magic of PHILCO, renowned orchestras will move into your living-room to lavish their greatest talents in your entertainment.

Comedy and drama grand opera and dance music reproduced with all the perfection of tone top quality only PHILCO can attain. Addresses by personages of international note brought to you with all of the delicate modulation which marks the difference amongst the genuine and an imitation replica watches breitling . Close your eyes, turn your back and you feel the speaker is ideal within the room with you.

News in the day swift flashes ... or full descriptions of happenings of nation-wide interest reach you as promptly as for those who had been editing an awesome metropolitan newspaper. By the sheer realism of its reproduction PHILCO trans-ports you for the scene of action breitling fake swiss . offers you the sensation of becoming present where news is inside the producing.

A nearby dealer will likely be satisfied to demonstrate PHILCO. See it. Hear it. Obtain it. Appreciate it.

PHILCO MODEL 15X, shown above, $150 Tax Paid. Patented.

1. The PHILCO Inclined Sounding Board throws all sound up into field of listener, generating all high notes heard for the initial time. 2. Significant area of sounding board insures full reproduction of low notes 3. Echo Absorbing Screen at the back prevents echo and blur, the very first radio to deliver sound only from front of speaker. four. Open sounding board as opposed to sound chamber affords clear unboxed tone.


Philco-Transitone Radio for motor automobiles and boats $49.95 including Tubes and Tax. Total installation for cars equipped with aerial will typical significantly less than $20.


PHILCO A musical instrument of good quality

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